Speech Pathology

Explore Therapy Speech Pathology is passionate about working with children who have complex communication needs, are late to talk, or have difficulties with communicating their message to others.

We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive, family-centred approach to our assessment and intervention services. Our additional areas of training and experience include implementing communication strategies and supporting children with language difficulties and supporting children with their therapy goals through play.

Please note: Explore Therapy Speech Pathology is not a generalist Speech Pathology practice. We do not see children who require support for stuttering, voice, swallowing, social skills or literacy difficulties. We do see children for assessment and intervention in the areas of speech sounds (clarity), language, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). 



Speech Pathology Team

Lauren Planner
Speech Pathologist

Lauren is a Speech Pathologist and  the director of Explore Therapy Speech Pathology. She has experience working in a range of paediatric settings including a high school, a Special Developmental School within a multi-disciplinary team, and in early intervention in private practice.

Lauren enjoys working with children who have a range of strengths, challenges and diagnoses across various paediatric settings. Lauren has a special interest in working with emergent communicators and supporting them to learn reliable and consistent communication strategies to support their communication autonomy. Lauren strongly values the relationships and interactions she has with her clients and with their caregivers to help create a supportive communication environment.

Lauren has extensive experience in working with children implementing electronic and manual Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems (including Pragmatic Organisational Dynamic Display (PODD) books) and electronic communication devices.

Lauren enjoys working collaboratively with the child, their family and other relevant professionals to incorporate the skills learned in therapy into their everyday life.

In her free time Lauren enjoys spending time at the park with her family. Lauren is a certified practicing Speech Pathologist and is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Roxanne Brock
Senior Speech Pathologist

*Currently on parental  leave*

Roxanne is a senior Speech Pathologist who is passionate about communication autonomy and providing children with opportunities to communicate their own messages. She believes in naturalistic communication modelling to provide children with the tools to communicate messages that are important and meaningful to them as individuals. Roxanne believes that all children have the right and the ability to communicate.

Roxanne enjoys giving all children a voice for communication. She has extensive experience and has done additional training in alternative and augmentative communication implementation and support for children and families.

Roxanne likes to collaborate with other health professionals and teachers to ensure consistency in approach for her clients. Roxanne works with her client’s interests to make therapy functional and fun including playing her guitar in her sessions.

 In her free time Roxanne enjoys playing sport and hanging out with her dog, Ned.

Roxanne is a certified practicing Speech Pathologist and is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Kalyca Baker
Speech Pathologist

With a varied background in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and research, Kalyca is a Speech Pathologist that values building rapport with children and their families.

Kalyca works collaboratively with children and their carers using play to increase children's understanding and use of language, and speech sounds. Kalyca believes all children have a right to communicate their own message, and to be understood. Kalyca is excited to meet you and work towards your family's goals.

Kalyca spends most of her time off with her children, husband, and dog, enjoying the Yarra Valley.

Kalyca is a certified practicing Speech Pathologist and is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Stephanie Vassallo
Speech Pathologist

Steph is a positive, energetic clinician. Steph prefers to use a play/interest-based, child-lead approach. She finds this promotes engagement and encourages transfer of skills to other environments. Steph aims to tailor her work to the needs of clients and their communication partners.

Steph has experience supporting communication via different Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems when indicated. She has also engaged in a range of training and professional development opportunities.  

Steph has experience working in a Special Developmental School and a school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Steph is keen to integrate her skills across private practice and education.

Steph is a certified practicing Speech Pathologist and is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Jessica Horner
Speech Pathologist

Jess is a Speech Pathologist who graduated from Australian Catholic University in 2022. Jess has previously worked at Explore Therapy Speech Pathology as a therapy assistant, and enjoysworking with families as a Speech Pathologist. 

Jess values building rapport with clients and incorporating the child’s interests into sessions. Jess believes communication plays a key role in establishing and expressing identity and building relationships, and she is excited by the opportunity to support children to grow and develop their communication skills and reach their communication goals. 

Outside of work, Jess enjoys spending time with her friends and family, playing netball, and playing the piano.

Jessica is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Evie Albert
Speech Pathologist (Monday -Friday)

Evie is a Speech Pathologist who graduated from Australian Catholic University in 2023. Evie worked at Explore Therapy Speech Pathology as a therapy assistant while studying at University. 

Evie enjoys integrating creative session techniques to ensure clients are engaged and learning in the most positive environment for them. Evie values building rapport with clients to ensure that their sessions are tailored to their specific needs and personalities.

Evie believes that everyone has the right to access communication no matter their communication style. Evie is thrilled to have the opportunity to work towards collaborative goals with her clients and their carers to increase communication.

In her free time, Evie enjoys reading, going on hikes, singing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Evie is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Lauren Whitcroft
Allied Health Assistant for Speech Pathology

Lauren is currently studying Speech Pathology at Australian Catholic University. She works at Explore Therapy as an allied health assistant to support the Speech Pathologists to deliver programs in the clinic and the community. Lauren works with clients individually or in a group setting.


Jessica Ward

Jessica supports the Explore Therapy team as our receptionist and administration officer. 

In her previous work, Jess had the opportunity to work in collaboration with podiatrists and exercise physiologists. Now at Explore Therapy, Jess has expanded her knowledge of other allied health professionals and enjoys seeing how Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists work with children. 

During her spare time, Jess enjoys reading, gardening, and learning Spanish.


Speech Pathology Referrals and Enquiries 

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This helps us to triage clients and match the needs of the client to the right therapist. 

Our Speech Pathology waitlist is OPEN for speech sound (speech clarity), AAC and Language referrals .
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Please note our Speech Pathologists do not see children who have a stutter or children who need pragmatics/social skills supports. We suggest you search the Speech Pathology Australia website to find another Speech Pathology clinic or a TeleHealth service for your child.

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A copy of the Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics document is available from reception upon request.

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